About Us

I-housing is an online real estate broker. The site is easy to use and allows tenants to find the best properties in a growing number of cities worldwide.

The site allows homeowners to efficiently manage and monitor their properties. Besides that, I-housing provides specific services such as mediation during the rental process.

I-housing was founded in 2016, as a result of personal frustration by the founder while studying abroad, and has its headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Finding the right property was a challenge, the process was ambiguous and he was exposed to (financial) risks. I-housing’s mission is to become the leading online housing rental broker offering both the homeowner and the tenant an efficient and secure collaboration. 

This is our story:

The founder started the company I-Housing in May of 2016 after he had personally experienced negative consequences and risks of renting in a foreign city. Moving to an unknown city can bring unfamiliar risks and concerns which many people are oblivious too:

  • Who do I rent it from?
  • Is it a nice neighborhood?
  • How am I ensured that I get what I see from the online advertisement?
  • What is the best way to get around the city?
  • Do I have to purchase household goods and register for utilities? And if so, where do I find them?
  • What happens when I check-out, and will they return my deposit?

These are just some issues that arise when people move to an unknown city and can become the recourse of bigger problems.

The founder’s brother faces exactly these issues when he went to live in London for six months. He lived in a beautiful apartment in a nice neighborhood, five minutes walking distance from the University. However, when he left London to get back to Amsterdam, the landlord simply vanished while keeping the €6.000 pre-Brexit deposit. The founder made it his mission to help earn back his brothers deposit, which he successfully accomplished after finishing school. That’s when the concept of I-housing struck his mind!

“I want to create a network of trusted landlords whom I know, so that people like me and my brother will not have to deal with these issues anymore and can safely rent a place from the other side of the world!” is an online broker site, which offers students and expats properties in different cities, and provides the customer with information that even the local people in a given city do not know!