Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have questions about a property. Who do I ask?
- After you have logged in you can send a message to the landlord of the property from the bottom of the property page. From there on you can continue the conversation in your dashboard.

2. I can't send a request. What is going on?
- If you do not meet all the requirements to send a request you can find these in your dashboard. Any subtenant also needs to meet all these requirements.

3. Why are some of the properties so expensive to rent?
- We don't have any control over the prices the landlords are asking.

4. I am uncomfortable to upload my passport. Can I at least conceal sensitive information?
- Feel free to conceal any exempt information on your passport like document number and social security number.

5. What information will be send to the landlord as an introduction?
- Only non-sensitive information like your first name, age, profile picture, motivation and description.

6. Can I officially register two or more people on the same address?
- You can always ask the landlord about this. But we recommend to always check the local municipality legislation as this varies between cities.